Professorship of Macroeconomics and Digital Transformation

The Professorship of Macroeconomics and Digital Transformation at the Institute of Economics and Law is held by T.T.-Prof. Dr. Richard Bluhm


The team of the professorship of macroeconomics and digital transformation works in the following areas:  economic growth, development economics, political economy, and applied econometrics/ data science. Our research focuses primarily on the spatial distribution of economic activity, the political economy (of growth, environmental policy, and public goods), and the measurement of income and inequality. We study policy-relevant research questions using modern empirical methods, big data (e.g., satellite images), and—where suitable—formal theory. The ongoing digital transformation has a lasting influence on our research, as it keeps posing new research questions and drives the development of research methods in economics towards big data and machine learning.

Our teaching in both undergraduate and more advanced courses is research-based. Among others, we offer the core macroeconomics course (starting in summer 2024), classes in economic growth and economic aspects of infrastructure planning, and seminars on current topics in economics.


Administration office

Keplerstraße 17, 70174 Stuttgart,
Raum: 9.035

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